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The coziest and most stylish villa at the Silver Coast

Comfort, peace and enjoyment

Casa Mikali

Casa Mikali is a stylish and luxurious villa just off the Silver Coast of Portugal. It is equipped with all comforts and offers ample space for 10 persons.

We welcome you to our little piece of heaven

Silver Coast

When people think of Portugal, they usually think of the Algarve, but the relatively unknown Silver Coast has so much more to offer than just sun and sea. The "Costa da Prata" (as it is known to locals) is famous for its ancient towns, breathtaking beaches, and rugged coastline. Those who live on the Silver Coast enjoy all that traditional Portuguese culture has to offer, a high standard of living at a more relaxed pace. Here you will find all kinds of events throughout the year such as fairs and festivals. On a culinary level, you are also in the right place here with the best and most enjoyable restaurants. Sports enthusiasts are also in their element here. This region has wonderful golf courses, beautiful mountainous roads for cyclists and runners and wonderful waves to surf on.


This very luxurious villa is beautifully finished and located in a sea of tranquility.


This villa is suitable for the ideal family vacation and can accommodate 3 families.


With tremendously fast internet in all rooms and a large smart TV in the living area, this villa also lends itself perfectly to remote workers.

Our stay was amazing. We will be returning again.
Anke & Stijn